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Factors considered in selecting Accounting Software

Factors considered in selecting Accounting Software 574 295

Factors considered in selecting Accounting Software

Accounting software will give small business with several economical ways that of managing daily financial tasks, likewise as offer management and possession with helpful reports to assist analyze business performance. While not correct thought, business house owners generally build pricey mistakes by investing in the wrong accounting software system, then they struggle to create the software package work or incur even a lot of value by changing to totally different software.

Scope of Business

The first and most vital issue business owners ought to document before selecting accounting software is that the scope of the business and what accounting tasks the software ought to ideally perform. In addition to basic accounting needs, build an inventory of different things you wish the accounting software package to handle, like payroll, inventory management and value accounting. Think about the longer term of the business in your call likewise as current operations. Software system that fits absolutely nowadays might not be enough a year from currently. Keep business growth and enlargement in mind once making your scope list.

Modules enclosed

Once you’ve got outlined the scope of the business and also the purpose of the accounting package, screening software package prospects becomes a better task, as a result of you’ll simply eliminate those who don’t cowl things on your scope list. For every accounting package that covers your scope, verify that modules are enclosed within the base value and that modules have a further value. As an example, some software package makers charge a further price for a payroll software module. Build a note of the complete value of every software package so you’ll accurately compare the packages.

Access and movableness

If you’ve got one business location and don’t expect that to vary, any accounting package that installs on a network server is appropriate for your business. However if you’ve got, or will have, multiple locations, you wish to contemplate however field staff can access the accounting software package, if needed. If you are doing not have associate degree data technology employee, putting in place exchange server logins could also be too difficult a method to put in or troubleshoot after you have issues. Within the case of a tiny low business with multiple locations, or staff that job from home, Internet-based software package could also be the simplest selection.

Knowledge needed

Powerful, do-it-all accounting software remains useless if your employees cannot learn to use it. Once selecting accounting software package, you want to take under consideration the education level of your staff and also the problem of the software package alternatives. Some accounting software package needs high-level accounting information for setup and use, whereas different software package packages are double-geared toward business house owners and employees who don’t have accounting education or expertise.


Once you’ve got eliminated software packages by scope, portability, module and information needs, the last issue to contemplate is that the value of the remaining software packages. Once considering value, take under consideration fees for upgrades, annual licensing and support details. Compare technical support packages and issue extra fee support packages into the general value of the accounting software package. If you can’t perform the installation and setup of the accounting software package yourself, get estimates for installation and setup and issue those figures into the general value.

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Tips in choosing the right payroll software for your company

Tips in choosing the right payroll software for your company

Tips in choosing the right payroll software for your company

Singapore Payroll Software

No employee wants to get his or her salary delayed. Once or twice of such incident can be tolerable but frequent errors and delayed pay days can produce an impact to the employees which can reverberate to their performances at work. It is therefore important to pay significant attention in managing the accounting department especially in the unit section where payrolls are being prepared. Business owners also don’t want to lose competent employees just because of delayed salaries. It can also, in some way, stain the reputation of the company.

For this reason, most of the companies consider the capacity of the payroll software in minimizing or doing away with payroll problems. Moreover, some also hope for reducing or maintaining the number of staff in the department even as the company grows. Well, the possibility of those hopes happening in reality will depend on the choice of payroll software you choose for your business. Thus, before choosing and buying a particular payroll software you must consider the following things:

  1. The service provider

When you are not familiar with the software or how to utilize the product, you will mostly rely on the ability and expertise of service providers throughout the process from choosing the software to installing and using it in the company. One must assess the service provider who offers the software. They will also be the one to customize the program compatible to your own business. Hence, a good service provider can lead you to the best payroll software choice.

  1. The features and functions included in the payroll software

Make sure that all the things you need are included in the features of the software so you will not have to think about additional task later on to fill in the absence of the function in the software. Moreover, better choose those that has advance and high-end technology so you can use the software for a long time.

  1. It works in a connected system

Make sure that the data can be link to one another. This way, the software can identify the owner of the information and even compute for a particular employee. The record keeping system must also be clear and efficient.

  1. User friendly or easy to use.

You don’t need a complicated software. You just need to minimize the monotonous efforts exerted in the procedures involved in preparing a payroll. Thus, the payroll software must be simple and easy to use so that when difficulty arises, it is easier to detect where the problem lies.

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Ways on how payroll software revolutionizes payroll department routines

Ways on how payroll software revolutionizes payroll department routines

Ways on how payroll software revolutionizes payroll department routines

how payroll software revolutionizes

Accounting department is one of the pillars of a company. Without which or even the poorly managed can cause a huge barrier to the success of the company. A faulty system and poor execution also have huge impact not only to the company itself but to the employees working for it. Payroll is one of the functions that directly affect employees. The system must therefore be organized for stable and accurate processes. This will prevent any problems and difficulties along the way.

Today, different solutions have been introduced and are patronized by the market as it simplifies and makes the tasks not as laborious and tedious as before. Moreover, companies are also able to keep records for monitoring, assessment, and documentation. These are made possible with the use of the payroll software.

Payroll software has provided for different remedies to make the whole payroll system productive without requiring additional man power. As a matter of fact, payroll software even reduces human labor since the program can record, compute and accurate results all at once. Accounting staff would only need to encode the right figures and data.

Payroll software also provides for updated record keeping. It will help the owners easily review the information and accounts without browsing through different folders and document files.

Interestingly, there are payroll software that has self-service portal. It allows employees to take charge of their own payroll data. These kind of payroll software is efficient and can only work on small businesses since the data encoded can be monitored as well.

All things considered, payroll software is an efficient product for companies, small or huge business alike. It can do the clerical and monotonous tasks involved in the process. Thus, employers can save time, human effort, and money with the aid of the software.

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Software That Can Track Your Performance Quickly

Software That Can Track Your Performance Quickly


HOW well is your business performing, and what adjustments can be made — right now — to improve its fortunes?

Chances are the answers are swirling around in the many computer systems that track your company’s finances, inventory, payroll and sales activity. The hard part is collecting and making sense of the bits of information.

Now some retailers, frustrated after years of using big, expensive software projects that promised to answer every question but were too complex to answer the simple ones, are taking a more measured approach, using so-called performance management software.

The Casual Male Retail Group, which sells clothing for big and tall men, adjusts its wholesale orders weekly to balance its assortment of styles, sizes and colors. This minimizes the number of items it has to sell at a discount.

That is an especially difficult task for a retailer like Casual Male, based in Canton, Mass., which has many more sizes to manage than a typical retailer.

“We have 49 sizes of a pair of pants, starting at 40 up to 70, and all the inseams in between,” said Dennis R. Hernreich, the company’s chief financial officer. “No one does that.”

Mr. Hernreich said that the company started using performance management software in 2003. The software looks for relationships among bits of data stored in the company’s many old mainframe systems and generates reports any business manager can read.

This makes it much easier to spot trends that might otherwise remain hidden in the various systems that track things like sales volume, prices and orders, Mr. Hernreich said. It also enables the company to adjust its advertising programs, ordering patterns or employee schedules during the seasonal sales cycle rather than wait and hope that its projections were right.

For example, if Casual Male’s merchandisers notice that gray cable-knit sweaters are selling well in one region but slowly in another, they can shift most of the next shipment of the sweaters to the better-selling stores. Previously, both regions would receive the same “prepack” orders throughout the season, possibly leading to shortages and gluts of items.

Mr. Hernreich said that making such adjustments in the Web and catalog business had increased the company’s gross margins about 5 percent, or $1.5 million. He said he expected that number to climb as those same abilities are applied to the company’s roughly 500 stores over the next few months.

The gradual approach is a departure from the sweeping “business intelligence” projects that were popular early this decade, when many organizations hired armies of consultants for multiyear analysis projects costing millions of dollars. Often the goal was to rebuild a company’s databases from scratch and consolidate many of them into one. The dream was to form a complete picture of a business, with the ability to drill down in fine detail.

By contrast, Casual Male has paid its software vendors, Oco, in Waltham, Mass., and QuantiSense, in Acworth, Ga., a few hundred thousand dollars each for its first two data-analysis projects, as well as a monthly fee of several thousand dollars each. The setup time for these projects is also economical, measured in weeks, not years.

“ ‘Performance management’ says you can’t solve everything at once,” said Lee Geishecker, a vice president at AMR Research in Boston.

Retailers, particularly those selling clothing or food, are paving the way because many are being bought out and restructured, and their new owners are insisting on quick turnarounds, Ms. Geishecker said. Such was the case in 2002, when Mr. Hernreich’s company, Designs Inc., which operated a chain of outlet stores, acquired Casual Male, and he was assigned to help revamp it.

Many retailers are also saddled with dozens if not hundreds of old databases that only a few people can gain access to, one database at a time. Performance management software can combine information from many databases and create reports for employees directly over the Web.

Anchor Blue, which operates about 250 stores, including Levi’s and Dockers outlets, uses software from SeaTab Software of Bellevue, Wash., to distribute reports to clients as varied as finance managers, buyers and store managers. It took two weeks to set up.

With employees in various departments scrutinizing the company’s performance from different points of view, better decisions can be made, said Harrison Kang, Anchor Blue’s information technology director.

“The retail business, it changes on a dime, every day,” he said. “To be able to handle those changes and business initiatives coming up, you need information to make the correct decisions.”

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Providing the Hassle-free Way for Pay Day

Payroll Software Singapore

Payroll Software Singapore

As one of the recognized accounting software providers in Singapore, we have provided a myriad of brands for clients to ease the burden of accounting processes, which includes the pay roll accounting process provided by Singapore Accounting Software.

Being a fast paced work society, we understand the needs of our clients which is why we provide some of the best payroll softwares in Singapore. Ranging from Sage Ubs payroll software, EZ payroll to MYOB payroll and QuickBooks, they are a one stop solution for your payroll  accounting needs.

These softwares automate the payroll process including in-depth tracking analysis reports to track employees’ wages, streamline pay processes, CPF calculations and more in which companies can use to improve the efficiency of business operations. As of April 2016, the Ministry of Manpower will require compulsory itemised pay slips and with the softwares that they provide, users can simply input data of employees in the software and each pay grades will be generated depending on the given information.

In addition, CPF IR8A forms can be directly generated from our finance framework and transfer on to the CPF and IRAS sites straightforwardly without calculation manually. Organizations can likewise tap on different government grants, for example, PIC or ICV worth $5000, subjected to terms and conditions.

With the use of such payroll software in Singapore, you can essentially key in information of representatives into the software and it will auto registers the OT rate in light of what was included before on for every staff’s distinctive pay grade calculation. Singapore accounting software can offer you to cut down time in regards to physically inputting pay which is exceptionally tedious without utilizing any of the payroll softwares provided by our team at Singapore Accounting Software.

With just a simple payroll software, employers can do away with the frustrations that always come with pay day. Here with our experienced team, affordable accounting solutions are provided. Upon understanding of each client’s needs, we provides catered solutions according to your business needs so that the accounting softwares can help in streamlining the internal process for your company.

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