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Five Benefits Of Insight-Driven Inventory Control

Five benefits of insight-driven inventory control 765 x 488

Five benefits of insight-driven inventory control

Insight-driven inventory management lets businesses move on from the reactive tactics of the beyond and end up forward looking and proactive. This technique can bring about sizeable discounts in cost of goods sold (COGS) and a marked will increase in gross margin go back on stock (GMROI).

1 Improves customer support and loyalty

As clients themselves, companies remember the fact that customers anticipate that what they’re seeking out is in inventory. Outlets need to fulfill this expectation without carrying a lot inventory that they end up with a poor return on inventory investment. With the aid of presenting the proper stock to the proper clients on the proper time, with an optimized time-phased inventory plan, businesses can find the right balance of consumer call for and stock prices.

2 Reduces stock-outs and overstocks

Industry specialists agree that overstocks and stock-outs are the maximum large participants to profit erosion. The value of inventory-outs extends properly beyond the lost sales – they lessen logo equity and reduce the effectiveness of promotions. In addition they create a dangerous ripple impact with the aid of distorting call for, which can lead to inaccurate forecasts.

Businesses additionally have to put on the fee of employees seeking to satisfy customers who the out-of-stock need object. By way of automating the stock making plans technique, companies can take the guesswork out of buying and substantially reduce these problems. Companies who aren’t taking advantage of inventory forecasting abilities are lacking out quite a few possibilities.

  1. Decrease inventory prices

Business groups the use of sensible statistics to order and allocate merchandise will speedy reduce their stock charges. And with a call for forecasting device, businesses can generate accurate forecasts that help optimize their inventory levels, and in the end growth income and profit.

  1. Synchronizes deliver and demand

Integrated stock making plans can supply agencies the insights into how fluctuations in deliver and demand have an effect on the stock. Organizations can then focus on enhancing inner and external communications inside their supply chain, and use this as a springboard for achievement.

A supply chain can offer greater cost when it’s miles responsive. An included business control solution enables corporations to higher apprehend the stability between deliver and call for and correctly deliver merchandise to clients. It’s vital to be flexible to customer demand, and green inventory management will dramatically speed up the order-to-shelf time.

As product portfolios grow large and companies move international, there is a lot much less room for errors. Agencies must perform with a more degree of precision and extra responsiveness if you want to accommodate the pressures of greater complicated product levels and decreasing stock levels.

  1. Streamlines stock planning

The stock making plans method can end up convoluted if structures and strategies are not in region. Extending the stock making plans procedure allows coordinate all planning and execution functions, and enables deliver organizations closer to the patron.

The inventory making plans process can also be extended to encompass transportation planning. To further streamline inventory operations, an included inventory management solution can deliver all of the touch points of inventory making plans collectively.


Insight-driven stock control is helping agencies reach their vital economic targets. By using bringing intelligence and visibility into their inventory management they’re handing over tremendous cost savings and vast increases in earnings.

With stepped forward visibility into deliver and call for, organizations can make crucial selections approximately in which to reduce stock and nevertheless keep the very best stage of customer service. integrated inventory making plans gear provide the ahead-looking facts and intelligence that allow agencies to be proactive about the destiny as opposed to being reactive primarily based at the past.

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A quick precise on Sage UBS Accounting

A quick precise on Sage UBS Accounting 768 x 432

A quick precise on Sage UBS Accounting

Sage UBS Accounting is step one to automatic enterprise. With extra than 180,000 installations it is now a family logo amongst Small Medium companies (SMBs). Many establishments of higher getting to know pick Sage UBS as a part of their course as it is simple to use and has comprehensive reviews. This gives a continuous availability of fresh and certified accountants for SMEs to enlarge their enterprise.
The modules available in Sage UBS include:
Sage UBS Accounting is suitable for maximum corporations and businesses.
Some examples are
• Accounting
• preferred Ledger
• Debtors
• Creditors
• fixed assets
• Retail
• eating places
• buying and selling companies
• Training institutions
• Wholesaler
• Accounting corporations
• Co-operative Societies
• Production companies
• manufacturing businesses
• Non-pro t businesses
The gadget permits businesses to work simpler and more efficaciously with the subsequent features:
Extra Dashboard reports to offer smooth get admission to critical statistics for better collection, fund management and business decision making payment offerings which serves to improve performance and safety of your transactions SMS to provide flexibility on retrieving data at once from the machine and sending it across to clients or suppliers with a personal message connected.
Wizard Setup to enable customers a brief begin in the installation tactics assignment flows displayed for clean reference and direct get right of entry to the desired display Transaction Wizards which offer step-by using-step manual to enter transactions
Debtor Receipt & Creditor fee displays to present consumer an outline of all financial institution balances for better coins control and the ability to carry out offset technique concurrently
4 forms of inventory valuation strategies are included:

The gadget enables corporations to work less complicated and extra successfully with the subsequent capabilities:

• Wizard Setup to allow customers a short begin within the set up procedures
• Project flows displayed for smooth reference and direct get right of entry to the required screen
• SMS to provide flexibility on retrieving facts directly from the device and
• Sending it throughout to clients or providers with personal message attached

Makes Inventory Management and Inventory & Billing

Sage UBS inventory & Billing makes stock manipulate less complicated with the aid of setting the control again into your fingers. It affords you with the flexibility to handle all types of stock transactions and have instant updates and stock reputation at your fingertips. Sage UBS stock & Billing performs as an invoicing device where you may print invoices and shipping orders

New functions:-
License (Mobile) – Sage UBS mobile license provides comfort for those users at the pass. Convey your license with you while operating out of the workplace without the worries of capability alternative fee of a broken or misplaced dongle.
Spark off & Deactivate feature is made to be had for the ease of the user in scenario wherein a known or planned reinstallation of Sage products is needed. User can clearly deactivate the contemporary license from present laptop and prompt it for this reason in every other new laptop to resume work
Enhanced Online Update
Maintaining your accounting software up to date is just a click away. With internet access, users can experience the cutting-edge updates and features nearly as instantly as it is made available on our server
Enhanced RSS
Permits person to live in tune with the modern-day Sage merchandise statistics / updates at the same time as operating at the system
In-App store
Giving convenience and versatility to the consumer to self-provider their necessities whilst running on Sage merchandise, including Sage cowl renewal, including customers, join help Plan, and so on.
Chat Support
With a legitimate Sage cover, user might be capable of chat on-line with our crew of helpdesk specialists to cope with your queries and problems related to Sage merchandise
Billing easy, efficient and Informative
Fixed price
Month-to-month common
First-in; First-out (FIFO)
Transferring average
Option to alert clients straight away while delivery Order and income bill are generated.

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Software That Can Track Your Performance Quickly

Software That Can Track Your Performance Quickly


HOW well is your business performing, and what adjustments can be made — right now — to improve its fortunes?

Chances are the answers are swirling around in the many computer systems that track your company’s finances, inventory, payroll and sales activity. The hard part is collecting and making sense of the bits of information.

Now some retailers, frustrated after years of using big, expensive software projects that promised to answer every question but were too complex to answer the simple ones, are taking a more measured approach, using so-called performance management software.

The Casual Male Retail Group, which sells clothing for big and tall men, adjusts its wholesale orders weekly to balance its assortment of styles, sizes and colors. This minimizes the number of items it has to sell at a discount.

That is an especially difficult task for a retailer like Casual Male, based in Canton, Mass., which has many more sizes to manage than a typical retailer.

“We have 49 sizes of a pair of pants, starting at 40 up to 70, and all the inseams in between,” said Dennis R. Hernreich, the company’s chief financial officer. “No one does that.”

Mr. Hernreich said that the company started using performance management software in 2003. The software looks for relationships among bits of data stored in the company’s many old mainframe systems and generates reports any business manager can read.

This makes it much easier to spot trends that might otherwise remain hidden in the various systems that track things like sales volume, prices and orders, Mr. Hernreich said. It also enables the company to adjust its advertising programs, ordering patterns or employee schedules during the seasonal sales cycle rather than wait and hope that its projections were right.

For example, if Casual Male’s merchandisers notice that gray cable-knit sweaters are selling well in one region but slowly in another, they can shift most of the next shipment of the sweaters to the better-selling stores. Previously, both regions would receive the same “prepack” orders throughout the season, possibly leading to shortages and gluts of items.

Mr. Hernreich said that making such adjustments in the Web and catalog business had increased the company’s gross margins about 5 percent, or $1.5 million. He said he expected that number to climb as those same abilities are applied to the company’s roughly 500 stores over the next few months.

The gradual approach is a departure from the sweeping “business intelligence” projects that were popular early this decade, when many organizations hired armies of consultants for multiyear analysis projects costing millions of dollars. Often the goal was to rebuild a company’s databases from scratch and consolidate many of them into one. The dream was to form a complete picture of a business, with the ability to drill down in fine detail.

By contrast, Casual Male has paid its software vendors, Oco, in Waltham, Mass., and QuantiSense, in Acworth, Ga., a few hundred thousand dollars each for its first two data-analysis projects, as well as a monthly fee of several thousand dollars each. The setup time for these projects is also economical, measured in weeks, not years.

“ ‘Performance management’ says you can’t solve everything at once,” said Lee Geishecker, a vice president at AMR Research in Boston.

Retailers, particularly those selling clothing or food, are paving the way because many are being bought out and restructured, and their new owners are insisting on quick turnarounds, Ms. Geishecker said. Such was the case in 2002, when Mr. Hernreich’s company, Designs Inc., which operated a chain of outlet stores, acquired Casual Male, and he was assigned to help revamp it.

Many retailers are also saddled with dozens if not hundreds of old databases that only a few people can gain access to, one database at a time. Performance management software can combine information from many databases and create reports for employees directly over the Web.

Anchor Blue, which operates about 250 stores, including Levi’s and Dockers outlets, uses software from SeaTab Software of Bellevue, Wash., to distribute reports to clients as varied as finance managers, buyers and store managers. It took two weeks to set up.

With employees in various departments scrutinizing the company’s performance from different points of view, better decisions can be made, said Harrison Kang, Anchor Blue’s information technology director.

“The retail business, it changes on a dime, every day,” he said. “To be able to handle those changes and business initiatives coming up, you need information to make the correct decisions.”

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