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Does Your IT Services Company Understand How Your ACCPAC Software Works

Does Your IT Services Company Understand How Your ACCPAC Software Works 1280 x 780

Does Your IT Services Company Understand How Your ACCPAC Software Works

ACCPAC software is properly integrated and streamlined to suit the particular needs of your company or organization

Does your IT services company really understand all the customized features which you can find using this powerful tool? Is you company getting the most effective use from this vital software?

ACCPAC provides many vital tools that can be adapted in a variety of custom templates including:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales and Customer Management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Purchasing and Supplier Management
  • Inventory Management and Warehousing

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a vital process for any company that is growing and expanding their markets and customer base.

It is equally crucial that your IT services company understands all the features of ACCPAC software so that the software is properly integrated and streamlined to suit the particular needs of your company or organization. Every company is unique. The service provided or the product line each company uses will vary from industry to industry, and your IT services company must also understand all the nuances and ways to effectively customize this software to tailor fit your company.

ACCPAC accounting software integrates all your needs in one package to achieve your goal oriented solution.

Your IT services company must understand and be able to understand how ACCPAC can best applied to your company with the following aspects:

  • Panning out your objectives
  • Installing and Implementing the right ACCPAC solution
  • Provide training to all applicable employees
  • Customize the product to suit your special needs
  • Provide the most beneficial reporting system to fully examine your business analysis and forecasts
  • Provide day-to-day support for macro management
  • Provide the most appropriate ecommerce solutions

If your company isn’t getting the most out of this incredibly valuable accounting software because your IT services company just isn’t up to snuff then it might be the right time to move to a company that fully understands the comprehensive nuances of ACCPAC software.

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Revenue Recognition Software

Revenue Recognition Software

Revenue Recognition Software Helps Tech Vendors Meet Accounting Rules

Software Vendors that are gradually shifting from on-premises to Cloud Deployment

Today, in the decade of cloud computing, it is significantly different. You have a subscription model and customers might move up and down in the subscription. You have an unpredictable fluctuation of your subscriptions and therefore of your business.

Revenue recognition issues also affect more traditional industries that have fluctuating revenues, such as utilities, especially private ones that provide energy from renewable sources, like solar and wind, and aren’t price-regulated monopolies. Given FASB’s stated intention to unify industry-specific rules into a single revenue recognition standard, and to merge that with the standards its global counterpart, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), promotes, most companies will soon fall under its purview, say software vendors and users familiar with the process.

While compliance issues are driving initial demand for revenue recognition software, companies can get additional benefits in the areas of financial planning and forecasting. Software vendors that are gradually shifting from on-premises to cloud deployment are a prime example. “They know that if they shift over 10% of their customers into cloud subscriptions, they have a dip in the balance sheet, because the revenue gets shifted into a deferred model”.Without the more nuanced view that revenue recognition software allows, financial analysts might believe something is wrong and undervalue future opportunities to increase market share, for example. Good revenue recognition software can therefore be a change-management tool to transform traditional independent software vendors (ISVs) from the perpetual license business to the cloud business.

Revenue recognition software could also boost companies’ profitability, according to reports published around the time of the FASB changes. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles guidelines overseen by FASB, companies had to estimate a fair value for each element — evidence of which could be hard to find. They would often wait for all the pieces to be delivered before counting any revenue on their books. Under the new rules that Apple and 33 other respondents argued for, companies can allocate the revenue based on certain percentages. In many cases, that means being able to report and use revenue much earlier than before.

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Features of Payroll Services

Payroll software vs. online payroll services. With payroll software, you are responsible for installing software updates and tax table updates, and backing up your own data. Although online payroll services have the highest level of security, you might feel more comfortable having your payroll information stored on your own computer system rather than being available online. The software used in online payroll services is continually updated for your payroll system, as are the tax tables used to process payroll. Online payroll services allow you to access your payroll system via the Internet from a computer, tablet, or Smartphone. If that’s the kind of convenience you want, you’ll be pleased with the variety of vendors offering cost-effective, secure payroll processing in your area.

Size: how big is your payroll? If you only have one employee, you can easily calculate your own payroll deductions using free spreadsheet accounting software. But if you have two or more employees, processing payroll starts to get complex. If you have employees in more than one state or country, processing payroll can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you have between 2 and 50 employees, online payroll services can save you time and money. Companies with more than 50 employees face very different regulations in terms of mandatory benefits and electronic tax filing. Most online payroll services can accommodate these needs, although prices may be higher for managing mandatory payroll benefits.

Which optional payroll services do you want? All online payroll services should be able to cover basic paycheck calculations, including direct deposit of employee paychecks, electronic payroll tax filing, and electronic payroll tax payments-all for a nominal monthly fee. Most services charge a flat rate for that package, plus an extra amount per month, per employee. You might also be charged extra for more than one user who can access the system. Other fees are charged based on the optional extras in the payroll package. For example, employers may choose to add benefits management, 401K management, health insurance management, or other enhancements to the basic payroll processing service. Many employers require time and attendance tracking systems that allow employees to log in, or to log time to specific accounts or tasks. Time tracking is usually an optional add-on and is available from most payroll services vendors

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Know what is Accounts Payable ?

Know what is Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Definition of Accounts Payable:


Accounts payable is the aggregate amount of an entity’s short-term obligations to pay suppliers for products and services which the entity purchased on credit. If accounts payable are not paid within the payment terms agreed to with the supplier, the payables are considered to be in default, which may trigger a penalty or interest payment, or the revocation or curtailment of additional credit from the supplier.

When individual accounts payable are recorded, this may be done in a payables subledger, thereby keeping a large number of individual transactions from cluttering up the general ledger. Alternatively, if there are few payables, they may be recorded directly in the general ledger. Accounts payable appears within the current liability section of an entity’s balance sheet.

Accounts payable are considered a source of cash, since they represent funds being borrowed from suppliers. When accounts payable are paid, this is a use of cash. Given these cash flow considerations, suppliers have a natural inclination to push for shorter payment terms, while creditors want to lengthen the payment terms.

From a management perspective, it is of some importance to have accurate accounts payable records, so that suppliers are paid on time and liabilities are recorded in full and within the correct time periods. Otherwise, suppliers will be less inclined to grant credit, and the financial results of a business may be incorrect.

Other types of payables that are not considered accounts payable are wages payable and notes payable.

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Discussing Good Reliable,Low-Cost Accounting Software

Starting a new business, avoid switching costs in the future

Feel free to take the best accounting software available in market

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There are lots of free and low-cost online accounting solutions available to choose from. As you’re just starting up your business, you may want to consider choosing accounting software that can expand with you as your business grows, and that you can customize and add more options to your company as you need them. Choosing a system like this could save you time and help you avoid switching costs in the future.

Our Accounting Software is a low-cost online accounting system that offers a great “basic” accounting module that can be expanded on later as you see fit. Our Accounting Software is pretty much the standard for accounting; it has the most integration capability for other services. It really depends on how many orders you get each week or month. For a couple hundred per month, data entry is probably okay. For a few thousand, you will never keep up and the services will give you back time you need to operate your business. Our Accounting Software also Compatible to all new generation computer devices. If you want visit our website to see the full system and find out if it will work for you and your needs.

Choose our accounting software and good luck with your new venture!!!!

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