Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting Software

Private Cloud Accounting / Inventory / Payroll

Ensure data security:

We will install Accounting/Inventory(e.g EZ Accounting/ MYOB Accounting/ Cloud Accounting Software /Sage_Ubs Software and others) Web-based Accounting & Business Software in our customer’s office server so that the entire business operation can access the HQ server anytime, anywhere. Our customer feels assured and comfortable with their data security structure as their data is within their own office environment

– Cost saving for SME. It’s browser based which means you need not constantly upgrade your operating system

– No need for expensive VPN or terminal service license. You can choose to host using dynamic IP instead of static IP, which usually comes at a higher monthly subscription plan


No Accounting Jargon / Easy To Use

Cloud Accounting Software / Cloud Accounting/Inventory System/Payroll, anytime using internet connection

Provide different levels of data access security

Unique user ID and password

Maintain user groups for different access to different levels of data

Audit Trail to track data

Multi location entry

Real-time update

Handling transaction up to more than 24 months

Goods & Services Tax (GST) computation function

Unrealise gain/ loss computation

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