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Business Planning Using Accounting Software


Creating and maintaining a Business Planning is important for any small business. This is because well planning will estimate both the revenue and expenses of a business over a certain period of time. Business Planning can help small business owners determine where to cut costs, invest, or take risks based on their cash flow.

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Know what is Accounts Payable ?

Know what is Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Definition of Accounts Payable:


Accounts payable is the aggregate amount of an entity’s short-term obligations to pay suppliers for products and services which the entity purchased on credit. If accounts payable are not paid within the payment terms agreed to with the supplier, the payables are considered to be in default, which may trigger a penalty or interest payment, or the revocation or curtailment of additional credit from the supplier.

When individual accounts payable are recorded, this may be done in a payables subledger, thereby keeping a large number of individual transactions from cluttering up the general ledger. Alternatively, if there are few payables, they may be recorded directly in the general ledger. Accounts payable appears within the current liability section of an entity’s balance sheet.

Accounts payable are considered a source of cash, since they represent funds being borrowed from suppliers. When accounts payable are paid, this is a use of cash. Given these cash flow considerations, suppliers have a natural inclination to push for shorter payment terms, while creditors want to lengthen the payment terms.

From a management perspective, it is of some importance to have accurate accounts payable records, so that suppliers are paid on time and liabilities are recorded in full and within the correct time periods. Otherwise, suppliers will be less inclined to grant credit, and the financial results of a business may be incorrect.

Other types of payables that are not considered accounts payable are wages payable and notes payable.

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Discussing Good Reliable,Low-Cost Accounting Software

Starting a new business, avoid switching costs in the future

Feel free to take the best accounting software available in market

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There are lots of free and low-cost online accounting solutions available to choose from. As you’re just starting up your business, you may want to consider choosing accounting software that can expand with you as your business grows, and that you can customize and add more options to your company as you need them. Choosing a system like this could save you time and help you avoid switching costs in the future.

Our Accounting Software is a low-cost online accounting system that offers a great “basic” accounting module that can be expanded on later as you see fit. Our Accounting Software is pretty much the standard for accounting; it has the most integration capability for other services. It really depends on how many orders you get each week or month. For a couple hundred per month, data entry is probably okay. For a few thousand, you will never keep up and the services will give you back time you need to operate your business. Our Accounting Software also Compatible to all new generation computer devices. If you want visit our website to see the full system and find out if it will work for you and your needs.

Choose our accounting software and good luck with your new venture!!!!

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Enhance your Business Operations with our Total Accounting Solutions

Best in your business Accounting solutions

Every Business will have different requirements from an accounting software

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There are many software packages on the market that allow business managers to successfully control records very simply & effectively.

When choosing an accounting software consider the following:

  • Does the system calculate all payroll requirements (PAYE, annual leave, long service leave etc.)
  • Does the system track stock, work in progress, orders, jobs and other task management requirements
  • Will the system be able to handle multiple bank accounts
  • Does the system need to handle foreign currency
  • Does the system track separate financial records for each business or department within the business
  • Does the system allow for interface with other computer systems such as online payments
  • Does the system keep detailed records on customers including what they buy, how often they buy, when they buy etc (often referred to as a Customer Relationship Manager system).

Accounting software that makes a “perfect accounting” in your business is Singapore Accounting Software. Our Sage_Ubs Accounting, EZ Accounting and MYOB will give you the best in business solutions.

Our accounting software has the following features:

Cost effective

  • Ease of use
  • Time-saving features
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Mobile access and mobile features
  • Accountant access anywhere , anytime
  • Service limitations, including the number of customers, invoices, users, transactions packages allow
  • Customer service
  • Additional services like credit card processing, tax preparation and payroll services

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Tips in choosing the right payroll software for your company

Tips in choosing the right payroll software for your company

Tips in choosing the right payroll software for your company

Singapore Payroll Software

No employee wants to get his or her salary delayed. Once or twice of such incident can be tolerable but frequent errors and delayed pay days can produce an impact to the employees which can reverberate to their performances at work. It is therefore important to pay significant attention in managing the accounting department especially in the unit section where payrolls are being prepared. Business owners also don’t want to lose competent employees just because of delayed salaries. It can also, in some way, stain the reputation of the company.

For this reason, most of the companies consider the capacity of the payroll software in minimizing or doing away with payroll problems. Moreover, some also hope for reducing or maintaining the number of staff in the department even as the company grows. Well, the possibility of those hopes happening in reality will depend on the choice of payroll software you choose for your business. Thus, before choosing and buying a particular payroll software you must consider the following things:

  1. The service provider

When you are not familiar with the software or how to utilize the product, you will mostly rely on the ability and expertise of service providers throughout the process from choosing the software to installing and using it in the company. One must assess the service provider who offers the software. They will also be the one to customize the program compatible to your own business. Hence, a good service provider can lead you to the best payroll software choice.

  1. The features and functions included in the payroll software

Make sure that all the things you need are included in the features of the software so you will not have to think about additional task later on to fill in the absence of the function in the software. Moreover, better choose those that has advance and high-end technology so you can use the software for a long time.

  1. It works in a connected system

Make sure that the data can be link to one another. This way, the software can identify the owner of the information and even compute for a particular employee. The record keeping system must also be clear and efficient.

  1. User friendly or easy to use.

You don’t need a complicated software. You just need to minimize the monotonous efforts exerted in the procedures involved in preparing a payroll. Thus, the payroll software must be simple and easy to use so that when difficulty arises, it is easier to detect where the problem lies.

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