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Good Knowledge In Computerised Accounting Software Helps In Career Choice

Good knowledge in computerised accounting software is one of the most important tools to equipped with for looking for an accounting job as your career path. With the raise for the needs of an accountant in a company, it is also the demands of any employer to make sure their selected accountant to be well equipped with knowledge of accounting software Singapore so that to generate on time reporting anytime the bosses demanded. But what else can we justify the brilliancy of equipped with good  knowledge in computerised accounting software helps in your career?


For one, being a accountant is a stable job in anywhere part of the world. Even in an all changing economy, from rescission to boom, businesses would always need an accountant with good knowledge in computerised accounting software to close their year end accounts for submission to tax reporting to Singapore IRAS. Accounting is the language any businesses use to communicate with various stakeholders. Thus owing a Singapore accounting software is a must for each businesses.


There are a lot of fields within the accountancy profession. You can choose to be specialize  in tax, business law, auditor, or just an accounting officer. You can even earn a living from writing blogs of accounting theory or even in books. Because of the vast number of people whom wants to study accounting, one must never lack of putting their accounting theory into computerise accounting so as to achieve not only well versed in accounting theory but also good in producing instant reporting for management to review using a real time accounting software.

Freelance Accountant An Extra Income

If you think you won’t want to work for an accounting firm, with the knowledge of accounting software you can be a freelance accountant and have flexible timing to your own but still earning a stable income. Just be sure that you have enough knowledge and skill to show your employer that you can anytime generate statement of account or cash flow using an accounting software as that is a must for any employer. There are a lot of companies looking for freelance accountants who knows accounting software to run their business daily operations transactions and accounting for them. An accounting software in Singapore is affordable for any freelance accountants as you can claim under PIC scheme for any business owners.


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Can Accounting Software Maker EZ Accounting Keeps its Head?

Accounting software choices is an important part of a business to ensure that each transaction is recorded and reported properly for the benefit of the business. The Accounting Software Singapore is now offered to many business owners, giving many benefits for the growth of the business. Doing business has been the expertise of many entrepreneurs who has a relative background in handling and managing business, but for those who have limited knowledge in terms of business management, it is a great convenience that accounting software are now available for use, especially for those business owners who have the gadgets and cloud accounts.

EZ Accounting

EZ Accounting is one of the software that a business owner may choose to use for the purpose of keeping their accounting books efficiently. EZ Accounting also comes in private cloud EZ Accounting to record your accounting transaction easily on cloud environment so that you can do your accounting anywhere anytime. With just the help of the internet and a direct access to our cloud accounting software, you can easily encode the data of each transaction, including bank transactions.

Easy Access

Because entrepreneurs and consumers rely so much on this software, especially now that it can be accessed even through a gadget that has cloud application, the maker of the EZ Accounting software should be able to keep its head up high and match the expectations of people and users. It sure does have its limitations, despite the many benefits and convenience it offers. When the internet connection is slack or down, every workforce would be forced to do the process manually again. However, makers of EZ Accounting software does have another version for non-cloud users such as EZ Accounting CD based accounting version. Simply have a simple Local Area Network (L.A.N) in your office and you can easily connect with different users in your company via L.A.N Nework without using any internet and you can secure yourself without any virus attacking if there is any.

Good Support

When selecting the best accounting software for your company, EZ Accounting has a good team of support services by Singapore Accounting Software. They are trying our best to beat others accounting software vendors by giving your and your business not just the efficiency and convenience in terms of accounting process but also support for your accounting software support. They are indeed keeping its head up amidst competition.


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Which Accounting Software To Choose From?

It is worth knowing that more than 50 percent of the business had adopted accounting software to use for their daily operation needs from issuing all billing such as invoicing to generation of accounting reporting. Modern customers are very computer based and technology based. Therefore, they prefer to work with suppliers whom are are using computerise accounting software to produce statement timely via emailing them from accounting software and that would project a good image to your customers across the world. But which is the right accounting to choose from? Singapore Accounting Software has wide range of brands for you to choose from and advice from our well experts in accounting software are able to advise you based on the functions that you need and match you to the right software.

Aspect To Consider For Accounting Software

Aspect to consider for accounting software would largely lays within the company operation flow. Key person in the company need to know the work flow of the company and the reporting required such as different software has different functions and different reporting. It should also by user friendly and able to work on the operation system which you are loading the accounting software as some software does not work on Mac computer operating system. Screen of the accounting software should be easy to understand as much of the users are non accounting trained and they must be able to know where to click to to issue billing and viewing of reporting for management.

Cost For Accounting Software

Costing is also another important point to consider such that its a long term investment to buy an accounting software and must be worth it. Costing is the first thing any company would have to consider before signing on to an accounting software. However, in Singapore much cost can be defer as there are grant for accounting software when you purchase an Singapore accounting software.

Linking to Payroll Software

Accounting software must be able to link with other modules such as payroll software Singapore which is an important factor. Its is very time consuming to double enter payroll details into payroll software and again input to another accounting software which is of different brand. Imagine you had 100 employees and had to retype each payroll details transactions to accounting software, that is too much manpower and time involved. In the next few years, owing an accounting software is a must as government are encouraging business owner to adopt accounting software with huge grants offer to SMEs in Singapore should they purchase accounting software for their business.


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Moving The Industry Forward With Innovation Accounting Software

Companies strives to keep themselves up to date with the latest innovation fund in the industry. This in turn allows them to keep up with the pace and still become relevant in this present day and age attracting new clients and customers in the process. A lot of their success can be attributed with the company’s use of innovation software particularly in the field of accounting.

Singapore accounting software makes it possible for companies to make timely decision as they are able to  streamline their overall business procedure. Readily available technology already exist and all that is left for companies to integrate the likes of quickbook software Singapore into their activity. As such, you will not be finding any shortage of EZ Accounting and other related programs that are available on a regular basis and can be accessed and downloaded over the internet.

Payroll software in Singapore is a very much sought after program and has been effective in cutting the overall work in half. This is due to the fact that payroll software makes use of the latest technology in order to provide users with accurate data which in turn greatly reduces the likelihood of errors from ever happening. As such, the acquisition of business software such as MYOB Singapore and Sage_Ubs software, although may come a bit pricey to some, a number of companies find them to be a very good investment nevertheless.

Innovation does indeed comes with a price but the rewards and benefits that it provides is all the more worth it. For some companies, this is a risk that is definitely worth taking, giving them a huge amount of opportunities in the process. Make use of the latest technological innovations and try your best integrate these to your business with accounting software.

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3 Basic Steps To Use Accounting Software

Ever wonder how to kick start using a computerised accounting software instead of using manually?

  1. You can start off by having basic knowledge of accounting knowledge such as: google online to gain basic terms of accounting knowledge (e.g what are the accounting software terms used in acounting? Examples of transactions in accounting software)
  2. Install a trial accounting software or request demo of accounting software from accounting software seller and try input some transactions
  3. Create of chart of account and input some transaction to test and immediately view instant real time reporting from accounting software.

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Accounting Software – How to use Sage Ubs accounting software

Accounting Software – How To Use Sage_Ubs Accounting Software?

Having headache how to kick start using Sage_Ubs Accounting software? Well we will get your started in 30 mins after viewing our video on top and a short 6 steps below:

Step 1 – Know the structure of the company work flow and define the chart of account set up such as what account code to use and grouping of account codes

Step 2 – Preview chart of account make sure all are in order tally with the account type such as if it’s profit and loss account or balance sheet item

Step 3 – Create batch of accounts such as sales batch or bank batch to keep your books of transaction in order

Steps 4 – At transaction file maintenance, CLICK Quick entry and input your accounts transaction and if you had trouble do call our hotline at +65 6227 1797 / 6746 2613 for assistance as such as
(e.g Credit sales $1000 and Debit Debtor code $1000)

Step 5 – Check at scan batch for any error if any entries does not tally and double click to change

Step 6 – View all transaction at ledger listing and all other reports

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